Apoxie Sculpt and Apoxie Paste

Aves makes a whole range of great products.

So far, I stock the Apoxie Sculpt and Apoxie Paste ranges.

I have individual colours in small sizes, mixed trays of 4 colours, and Large Black and Natural sizes.

If you want to make jewellery, then Apoxie Sculpt is great to push into your bezel and then embed gemstones, or beads, or filati to create one of a kind jewellery pieces.

Apoxie Sculpt comes in these colours: Natural which is a dark grey colour, black, white, super white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green,  blue, brown, silver and bronze.

This chart shows how other colours can be mixed from the basic range of colours and using white or Super White.

When using Apoxie products, read the information from the maker. It is there for your benefit and education.

I've used these products for some time and enjoyed using them.

Be smart and wear gloves as suggested, and wash your hands well to remove residue, or use the Safety Solvent.

Most people will be able to happily use the products with no ill-effect. In making mosaics we use lots of products where we need gloves and masks and to wash our hands after use. Just be educated and prepared and ENJOY.