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push, pull, probe, poke, scrape tool

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Two different tools to choose from...

Both the same great construction, strong, stainless products with nice grip and both two different ends.

Tool 1 is perfect for pushing and pulling tesserae around while you are working. I use this one for picking up small amounts of adhesive and buttering it onto tess. One end has a small scoop and the other an angled flat tool for  pushing grout up against your tiles, or pulling it away from them.......

Tool 2 has a point on each end, with a tool that can probe or poke or flatten or move tesserae or adhesive about. You can use it to make patterns in your thinset also... Great for scraping away thinset or adhesive from where it shouldn't be, and a perfect pick when the adhesive has hardened.

Tool 1 is the first photo, Tool2 the second.

Both tools are great to add to your mosaic tool-kit.

Play with your tools :)



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