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Diamond Hand Files

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This is a great little set of DIAMOND coated hand files- that means they will file anything...

I use the centre one - the triangle shape to score and snap filati.

I use others to file down bits sticking out, whether it be plastic or metal, another to make little holes larger, as shapes to bend wire around..... You'll find a use for them all !!

Comes in a pouch for the 5 files.

Great size to take with you to workshops, and good addition to your essential tool set.

One set contains 5 files- 14cm in length.

Who knew diamonds could be so cheap.....LOL


If you are using these files to grind sharp bits off glass, please use them wet, dip your glass in water, and your file. Wear a mask also. Glass dust is not something to toy with. It sits silently in your lungs until you can't breathe, and then it is all too late. For info Google Silicosis.



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