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Compound Tile Nipper.

Regular price $52.50


  • Compound Tile Nippers
  • High Leverage Design
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Long Lasting Tungsten Tips
  • Ergonomic Anti-Slip Soft Grip
  • Shipping Weight 0.7kg

    I really can vouch for this amazing tool. I was invited to go to Santiago Chile a few years back to mosaic the front of the Municipal Building with artists from all over the world. The day before I left, a pair of compound nippers arrived in the post and I ummed and ahhhed about packing them because all we needed was going to be provided for us. I ended up taking them and I used these nippers from 8-4 minus breaks for about 12 days and I made a gazillion cuts in ceramic tile. AND might I stress that we were not using ceramic tile like you find at Bunnings- the pretty coloured Johnson Tiles or the like, these were thick high fired ceramic tiles as strong as cement. These nippers literally saved my hands. All artists were supplied with sidebiter nippers and most managed, but there was an extreme amount of complaint and pain endured for the art. When I wasn't using mine, the guys working next door to me from MOSAICIZM borrowed them as well and wished they had a pair. Truly the best investment you can make in a tool- for cutting ceramic, porcelain or the like, without spending hundreds. Remember these are for shaping tile. If you want to cut thick tile in half use a Slide and Snap tool specifically for that job, or a score and snap for smaller shorter cuts. Make sure you are using a tool for what it was intended for. This is the best compound nipper- use it for nipping!

    The tool takes the grunt of the pressure, not your hand or wrist. Anyway- enough reminiscing... no maybe not enough- I can never get enough of that project- I'll load some pics of the mosaic I created with these nippers on here :)

    Great Value at $52.50- and your hands and wrists with thank you! The fourth photo on here shows me using my right hand holding the nippers, but resting them on my upper thigh and just putting the tile in the nippers with my left. Your cutting hand stays supported, your wrist doesn't get strained, and most of the weight is supported by your body not your wrists.

    Obviously you don't get my pair I took to Chile, you get a brand new pair in a packet you can make your own memories with. :)

    One pair of nippers fits in a small satchel, so less than $9.00 post Australia wide. Sometimes the shipping app says Medium and charges you for that, fear not, I will pack a pair in a small satchel, and repay any shipping overpayment always!


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