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YES Granules Sample Pack

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Samples of 14 colours in 2 containers. This product is lightweight, and I sourced it in an attempt to decrease the weight of a sculpture I was doing. It is a manufactured "rubber" , is insoluble and non-reactive,  2-5mm approx, all shapes

This material is for indoor use -for that space you just don't know what to fill with..., pour Weldbond on and put a generous amount of the granules on top. Allow to settle and dry. Upturn and allow material to fall back into the bag. Voila- Yes.

Colours are rich and all the way through the granules. Great range of bright rainbow colours and a few earthy tones. 2 packets of 7 colours in individual compartments for $7.50.

I think that mosaics are interesting because of composition, light and difference of materials. This is a non reflective full coloured material that would sit well in many settings as a base or individual pieces popped in to cover little spots..... use as you would a sand or gemstone, or mix them all up. Can even be used in jewellery.

This product being rubber based, has that rubber smell, and I initially found it a bit offensive. I do have a sensitive nose. I found that if I left the bag or container open in a place that was out of my way, the smell eventually dissipates.

This is a new product to mosaics for me, so play with it, let me know what you think.


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