Mesclas Smalto

South American Alchemist and Artisan created,  Smalto with a difference- 3 colours together creating interesting fluid lines to add a wild dimension to your mosaics.

We call it Mesclas- because of the "mixed" colours.  Mesclas = mix.

This product is high fired to 1000C which makes it durable and reliable for indoor and outdoor use. Use on its own, use it with the other smaltis from China, Italy or Mexico, mix it with stone or ceramic tile.

It is wonderful as a contrast in colour and reflectivity as Mesclas is less reflective than other Smalti. Whilst you can rely on the colours being the same the individual nature of the mix means you get lines and swirls that are original and wonderful. Truly a stunning product. You can purchase Mesclas now in stock in 1/4 rounds from a circle approx 18cm diameter.

Available also to order are half rounds and full rounds.

Please order well in advance of your needs, as they take a little while to get here. I know you will love this new product!

Colours available in 4 palettes green gradation, blue gradation, red to yellow gradation and red to rose gradation.