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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 Star Ratings on Tess-Array Facebook page!!!
Will add some happy customer comments sent to me via email here soon.

Google Reviews: I decided at this time not to add this facility to my online store. I've been considering it for some time. It is great for customers to be able to rate and comment on products etc. The thing I don't like about it is that Google then has access to all my customer's information and to all orders on my site, and to all my products and other information, which makes me uncomfortable. So while they advertise repeatedly to me that this will increase the sales for my online store,  I say -at what cost.????????  No wonder Google knows everything, they have access to so much......Until such time my mind is changed on the confidentiality issues I mention above, you the customer will not have other customer's reviews to consider. I know you will understand.

Message me anytime about any product, look at all the photos of the product, I take many showing different things about the same product, so I think they are accurately represented to you. If you click on the photo it will enlarge, then click on the next or scroll with the arrow, and you will see larger photos of the products. This should assist you in examining products, and helping with colour choices. With most people using phones to shop these days, I am limited with how large I can go with pics..... a lap-top will afford you larger photos.

So my valued customers, please continue to send me emails telling me what you think of my products. I will compile these in a way that the information can be passed on to other buyers, but not compromise any information about YOU my valued customers.



Sales: On-Sale-All-Year-Round !!!!!

It is true! I price all the products on my store, and do not raise the prices when I upload them, to factor in future sales discounts I could offer. So the price you get, you get it EVERY day of the year. So its true to say that I am On Sale All Year Round. You get my best price every single time you come here, and that's a good thing for YOU my customers. You can see if you compare some products that other sellers stock, like the Tess-Array-nbow tiles, and the VGT, that my prices are GREAT.

Always doing things my own way... you know, ....the path less travelled....

Note about shipping: You get charged what Australia Post charges me to buy your shipping. If I get a discount, you get a discount.

Mailouts from Me: If you want to get mailouts (when I send them)- you can add your email address on the home page and receive any emails I send out. I do this when I've made a blog post I think you should read, or if there is new product announcements I want you to know about. They don't happen that often.

Your address will NOT automatically be added to this list. It is an opt-in list, opt-out list.


Orders are usually packed as soon as I see them, and I get them to the Post Office the same day or next day depending on the hour they come into the system. Because I am in a rural setting, I wonder about the difference- if any with paying extra for Express Post. Express Post works in metro areas, but if you are in a rural area as well, I wonder if it actually gets to you quicker. This is your decision to make and monitor.

Get your orders in early in the week for the best chance of them getting to you anywhere within Australia within a few days. For all orders from Friday-Sunday, they will only get picked up from my PO Sunday night, no matter when I lodge them. So the benefit ordering early in the week, is they are picked up each night Sun-Thursday. If you are in no rush all the better, but rest assured it is my intention to get your materials to you ASAP.

I pack the orders to ensure you get your materials in one piece. Please email me if there is ever an issue with your order, and attach a photo so I can see. I'll get back to you asap.

If you are new to mosaics, please join some of the amazing online Facebook groups and read their files for all information you will ever need to learn this craft. It is always best to learn something first rather than going into those groups asking basic questions over and over again. On the left hand side of the main page of the group should be files or documents, and there is a wealth of information there for you. Groups are a wonderful resource. Groups also take considerable amounts of time to manage, so try not to overload them with the same questions over and over again that are already covered in the files. Read the files that are available on all of them, devour all the information. THEN... if you have something you can't quite understand, upload a photo of the issue and ask for assistance. People are happy to help. I also see a lot of information that is given out in the comments, maybe by newer creatives,   as not entirely accurate. You will find accurate information in the files of the groups. Start there. Search mosaic groups and see what groups may be in your area, so information is pertinent to you- product names, stores where you can buy things...

Blog: Use the Blog tab on my store to see what I am writing about- it may be a product I am stocking, or something I want to share, or design tips, construction tips, whatever takes my fancy that is mosaic related. Please email me if you want further information, or have a topic you would like blogged.

Please let me know if you have any questions you want added to this page..


Any other help you need- please fill in the Contact Us below and I'll respond as soon as I am able.  Kind regards Karen Baker


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