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To my Tess-Array.com customers.

Thank you very much to those who have made purchases since I've re-opened.  I have quietly re-opened the store and tried to "find my feet" after having been off them for so long, literally and figuratively. It gave me an opportunity to iron out some kinks, and get used to operating in a new space. Seems like I'm constantly moving things around for better productivity and ease. Packing up a business and moving it, and then unpacking it is my least favourite experience in life. Thankfully I had help with the "moving" part of the exercise, and am very grateful. There was a lot of stuff to move! Some items have moved, but managed to stay hidden, .....where? - I just can't imagine, but most things have a home and are ready to find a new one.

Mostly I'm recovered, -for those of you who didn't know, I broke my ankle and then had complications. I had no clue I'd be out of action for over 2 years and almost everything would change. Now I operate with some restrictions, and can manoeuvre life better in my new surroundings.

I deleted the shipping app I was using as it was not consistent, and now without it most orders seem to be calculating correctly. If when I pack your order, I can get it into a smaller parcel than you have been charged for, as always I will charge you the smaller parcel price and refund the difference. It will show on your invoice that is enclosed with each order.

Please email me at karen@tess-array.com if you have any questions about ordering, about products, shipping or delivery, or anything about mosaics. Please save this address as my main contact. It's really the best way to get in touch with me.

Over the next while I'll be adding a heap of new things to the store, so you'll continue to see all your old favourites and some new products.

Soooooo please feel free to Order away

I'm looking forward to some serious "Studio Time" in my near future. Moving the studio as well, was in part very pleasurable. I had an opportunity to handle every single container of tesserae I have, and it really was a delight. Tub after tub made me sigh with pleasure and excitement- I was going to make that out of that, oh and that out of that,..... you know how it goes.... I have so many projects I've sketched, so many lovely materials I have made in my head already into mosaics. I've sourced some of the most beautiful materials and have them all rainbow displayed in my studio, waiting for their starring role in my next work. I also have some great substrates beckoning me to glam them up, so as usual it is a dilemma of what to do next. I hope I live long enough to make all of the mosaics I have already imagined. And hopefully I finish some of the many many started mosaics I've carefully boxed up but not unpacked yet.... Anyway 2024 promises to be a creative year for me, and for you too I trust.

Don't be limited by your materials, play with your tess-array.....
Happy Creating from Karen Baker.



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