Working Hard

The Vibrant Glass Tile order arrived and is unpacked.

I ordered the tiles quite a few months ago, so by the time they are manufactured, and delivered, I've almost forgotten what I've ordered.

Opening the boxes and getting the full colour hit is a joy unlike all others.

I so love opening boxes of tiles. Lotsa lovely new colours complementing an already amazing range of colours. Pretty much THE best range of colours I have EVER seen in one place. These tiles are for indoor and outdoor use!

All glass, all real colours, all not going to fade.

When I started making mosaics in Adelaide some years ago, I was buying most of my materials from the US by the box, paying about $55.00 per international box for shipping. I wanted to get my hands on great tiles. So, I ended up sourcing them myself, and setting up my own little store. You and I now have a great variety of materials. Yay Us!

Sometimes I have ordered new colours from charts and when I see the tiles, it is a real thrill, sometimes I have re-ordered colours because they are low or sold out, and when I open boxes in which I know what I am expecting, there can and often is a rude shock.

These are the joys and challenges.

I've got about 20 new colours loaded into the store today, with many many distractions, and still have about another 20 to load, and then update the low stock and out of stock tiles.

I'm onto it every moment I can, and hope to get it all done in the next few days, as I know there are a few of you waiting to re-stock some of your favourites. Please be patient-  I do need to sleep too. :)

Unfortunately one or two tiles did not come as expected, ... I will explain all that later. For now- goodnight! Karen.


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