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Hello supporters and very valued customers of

Enjoying my early morning walk with my dog Archie on our property on 6/11/21 has resulted in a slip and fall, and a broken right ankle. We have Laterite rock as the base of the ground around here and it weathers into small round pisolites. Seems my foot just slipped out in front of me on these and I went down. The many breaks resulted in surgery on 17/11/21-  for screws and plates. It was the longest wait, in hospital,  but they need all the swelling to go down before surgery happens.

I'm finally out of hospital and at home, flat on my back with ankles raised to help with the swelling. I've tried to do things since I got home, but it is a little soon, and just a time of rest and healing that is required right now.

Hopefully soon I will be able to sit leg raised, without too much pain.

At that point I will be re-opening the store.

I've had many shipments arrive lately, the new Gloss Tess-Array-nbow tiles, the Gloss Tess-Array-nbow's End that are 10 new great colours, so now 20 in this range of glass rectangle glossiness. They are such a great size to use in mosaics, and are able to be nipped in half (or smaller) if you need with wheelie nippers.

Additional to these and in the same material and colours are the new product exclusive to, the Tess-Arounds.

All 20 colours, all glass glossiness. They are the largest round product on the market, and make an impact!  Designed to be used whole, but if you need to cut them, use a hammer and hardie or a glass scorer and then snap them. You could probably make some interesting cuts using a Taurus Ring saw too..... They look great being used with the rectangles too, and smaller rounds and dots.......

My stocks of Vibrant Glass Tiles are running a bit low too, so maybe while I am flat out, I can organise the next shipment of them also.

Wheelie Nippers as Gary Drostle calls them, (which makes them sound so much faster than regular wheeled nippers I think), and Compound Nippers are in another shipment and I will be offering these to you at great prices.

Also a big range of glass products, tumbled stained glass, stained glass squares, big beautiful spotty red and white hearts, cats-eye hearts,  a range of millefiori, red, orange, yellow, blue, aqua, green, purple, black, white, all sold in large great value bags.

The Extras section of the store is also being added to, items that were low in stock have been re-stocked, new items and old sold-out favourites returning. These are the unusual things, the little extras that can add extra interest or zing to your creations. I am always on the look-out for things I think will look great in my, and your mosaics.

I'll be selling Prep Multi Adhesive in a couple of sizes, and some cement based adhesive in small bags for those who are not yet willing to commit to buying the big 20kg bags. Use this adhesive with the fibreglass mesh to create bases for sculptures, and you see you are not limited, you can make all kinds of amazing things. I'll be doing that too and showing you step by step how to create some great sculptures for your garden.

The Other Array section of the Online store will be added to next. I have been accumulating quite a variety of things to add to this section, all sorts of substrates you can mosaic onto. Stay tuned.....

Without happy creative customers I have nothing, so I will be doing all I can to continue to source great materials for you, at the best prices, and to be up and running again as soon as I am able. I want you to have access back to my range of products and to be creating again. Being creative is healing, it creates joy, creates time and place of peace and learning, and is an opportunity for you all to bring from the unknown, amazing pieces into the here and now. Doesn't that happen to you sometimes, finish something and you marvel that it came from you..... or through you.....It is my dream for you all to find your own style, to be creating your own ideas, and mosaics. Don't make what everyone else is, that's already been done. Be a trailblazer! Don't infringe on Copyright of other artists, don't copy, play with ideas, take your own photos, sketch even if you think you can't draw, play with ideas, give yourself choices, ferret out the amazingness of your creative self...... and bring that into being. You are all unique, and no-one can do what you can do........

What can you do in 2022.  ??????



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