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Purple Painted Tile

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Colour Purple Painted Tile

This tile colour is a bit of an enigma- will not allow itself to be captured in its true colour. All the photos I have taken this morning show it more blue than it is, even with all different light settings. It is an overcast cold morning, so the worst day to be taking product photos- but I think it is a purple, but it wants to be a blue/purple! Sorry it is what it is- expect some difference more into the purple realm than the blue realm in real life.

NOTE::::::These are painted glass squares not glass tiles, so really flat edges, as compared to the slightly imperfect-perfectness of the Vibrant Glass tile range. They are still 15mmx15mm. And speaking of imperfect- these 4 colours distinguished by lower prices, are priced to clear. I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of these tiles, some are great, some are imperfect, so buy them as they are, and buy them cheap. Selling below cost. When they are gone they are gone.  I think the colour does NOT show up accurately in the photos- could also be that the fluoro colour underneath is visible at the edges of all the purple tiles- may be the cause of disortion Just loaded the photos and they look more purple on my monitor....  These purple tiles have diagonal lines on some of them as evidenced in photos.

Buy them while you can. Will not restock  :::::::

15x15mm glass tile painted on back. Indoor use only! Lovely Metallic/Mirror/Foil look. Sold in bag of 50 tiles as is. Use whole in mosaics or you can cut with wheeled nippers, but may lose some colour. Expect some wastage. Check before you glue.

Use neutral cure adhesive to ensure no change occurs to colour.


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