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Vibrant Glass Tile VGT515

Regular price $4.95

New colour Feb2021.

This tile was ordered to refill VGT015- that lovely bright orange red tile. However, it did not arrive, and this one came in its place. See the last photo which shows the difference between the two. The small square is VGT105, and the large sheet is VGT515.It is not a lot, but it is a different colour, so new number, new listing. I will try again to refill VGT015 next order.

Orange Red  colour tile with iridescence. Lovely.

Don't be limited by your materials, play with your tesserae.

Vibrant Glass tiles 15mmx15mm sold in 100 sheet lots 10x10 tiles -weighs about 200gms

Great range of vibrant colours, plus an array of neutrals perfect for skin in portraits.

Only 4mm thick and cut easily with wheeled nippers,- into 16 pieces if you are doing micro-mosaics or jewellery.

Great small size for working whole -with kids or arty elders, or for large scale mural work.

These glass tiles are suitable for indoors AND outdoor work.

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