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Ammonite 53

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Ammonites were mollusks resembling squid, had eyes, tentacles and spiral shells. Their shells resemble the Nautilus and exhibit the Fibonacci spiral. Ammonites first appeared about 240 million years ago, and disappeared about 50million years ago.

You are buying this lot of 4 Ammonites photographed, that have been cut in half and polished. You end up with a nearly mirror image, (minus the material lost during the cutting process) You will receive this group.

You are buying something that has been millions of years in the making, please do not look for perfection, look however at Mother Nature's creation perfection. All these are individual and their origin is Morocco.

You can see the ruler in the photo to give you size idea. We specifically purchased  these ammonites because they are quite thin which makes them ideal if you want to set them into a bezel for jewellery or add some million year history to your mosaics, or if you are a fossil freak you will probably add them to your collection.


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