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Cream Coconut shell beads

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Coconut Shell beads, these are cream in colour. They are about 8mm diameter, so a great size to use in mosaics. They could be the sticky bits on an Octopus' tentacles, or the petals of a flower... you could use them flat like a donut, or standing up for some texture. I haven't used these yet myself, but I'd probably paint them with a sealer, or Weldbond and water to seal them if I was going to grout in a dark colour. I think they would absorb grout colour easily.

Sold by the TWO (2) strands which are 39.5cms long with about 100beads per strand- total of approx 200 beads. Great buying!

Made from real coconut shells:- All natural materials have their own perfectly wonderful imperfections.

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