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Bamboo Spoon

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Handy Bamboo Spoon.

I use these for dry colourants/oxides I am adding to adhesives for mosaic pieces. Sometimes you can mix many many batches of adhesive, and it helps with the final look of the piece if your colours are similar in areas you want them similar. Before use I draw fine black permanent marker lines across the groove. Then I can get a fairly accurate amount if I have to re-colour another batch.  I use my spatula to compact and flatten the oxide into the spoon and take of excess from the line back. It's not sooooo accurate, but if you want it to be you can get it pretty accurate. I usually jot on a notebook the name of the artwork I am working on and the number of lines of colourant used for that piece. I always think I'll remember, but I never do. :)

16cm x 2.5cm bamboo spoon.

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