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bcbrass -Yellow Brass Ball Chain -gold colour

Regular price $22.50

Ball Chain for mosaics -approx 56 balls per 30cm length- 4mm size balls. Great size to work with in mosaics- substantial. Sold in 5m lengths. $22.50 for 5metres.

Try it you'll love it. If you are working on MDF, just put a line of Weldbond and lay the ball chain down on it. Don't forget to clean it up well when you grout and it will be a great feature for your mosaics. Use with thinset mortar also or Mastic, just don't push it deep into either adhesive. You need just enough to secure it. Use it to border or define areas, use if for stems, use it to outline shapes, use it in jewellery, use it to add flow.... I love Ballchain! Ten only at this great price.

(Nickel plated (silver colour ballchain also available see bcsilver)

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