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Bees Galore

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Glass Bee Beads 12mm diameter. Sold in bags of 10 bees. For indoor use.

Bees are painted and spray painted on in many stages. Whenever you see tesserae that are painted, only consider them for indoor use. Don't use any tesserae for our Australian conditions outside that is "painted" or paint behind..... It's just not worth having your mosaic fade, especially if you have given it as a gift or worse still sold it. Sellers could ask for a refund.

I suggest you cover with paper towel and masking tape when grouting, or add to your mosaic after grouting. Sanded grout may take some of the paint off. I haven't had the time to make anything with these yet.

I do notice that there is a bee on both sides, so if you have a sharp pair of wheeled nippers, you could position in the middle of the bed, and facing along the drilled hole- so you will have a bee each side with a successful cut..... and give it a go- you could have 20 for the price of 10. Let me know if they are an easy cut.

Play with your tesserae :)

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