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Blush Porcelain Bead

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These blush pink porcelain beads are handmade, and not perfectly round, but they are perfectly perfect. They have a matt finish. Not sure what it is, but there is something about these beads that I love.

Make a centre of a flower, and use these as your petals, or incorporate them into your abstract mosaic. I can think of too many things to do with them.. :) 

Approx 10mm in diameter, so a great size to add height difference in your mosaic if you are using glass or ceramic.

You can lay them so you can't see the holes, or put hole up and poke some wire with beads through the top, or glue a little bead to it.... or eye balls if these are monster eyes...lol

Sold in a bag of 25

Don't be limited by your materials, play with your tesserae. Karen@Tess-Array.com

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