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Blue Calcite

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5x lovely chunks approx 45mm in size = 1.75 inches each of steely blue Calcite.
This steely blue coloured calcite originates in Mexico. Each bag contains 5 lovely pieces - a bit under 250gms and are about a handful.
These rough gemstones are actually sleek and shiny yet they are in their rough state.
This is a lovely blue, and is known for its calming and soothing properties. Maybe a dish of this on your nightstand for those who need some assistance in the sleep department..... :) Add these to your crystal collection, or they would look great sitting in a dish in your studio, or as focals in a mosaic,  You could process them to a smaller size if required.
You could even get busy on the Genie and use them to make pendants or ear-rings.
Up to 250gms 

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