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Magnesite ms76

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This lovely rock is found in the Goldfields area of Western Australia from Norseman to Wiluna. It is found in some of the same locations as Chrysoprase. It occurs in veins and plates and nodule form. It ranges in colour from this lovely green to very pale cream colour. Frankly I like all of it. It is also known as Lemon Chrysoprase or Citron Chrysoprase. The gemstone trade prefers the green for gem cutting, for beads and pendants and rings etc,  and the paler material is used for carvings and is often dyed a multitude of colours, and then the beads sold in strands. Our Magnesite is untreated, the colour is just as it came from the ground.

This slice of Western Australian Magnesite, polished on one side, 168gms, 7x16cms,  7mm thick, $40.00. ms76

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