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mook102 Mookaite

Regular price $40.00

This slice of Western Australian Mookaite, polished on one side, 242gms, 12x9cms,  10mm thick, $40.00. mook102.

You are buying a natural rock. What may be perceived as an imperfection is actually part of Mother Nature's creation.

Mookaite is mined at Mooka Creek in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. This is one of our most popular gemstones for the lapidary trade because of the glassy polish we can get on it, and for the abundance of colours Mookaite presents itself with. White, cream, yellow, peach, red, maroon, black, purple, mauve, green... and combinations of... Mookaite is natural- not treated- colours are as Mother Nature intended. We love Mookaite. It is like glass- it will cut your hand off, so be careful when smashing up slabs for your mosaics, or working with rough rock. Use these slabs whole, cut (very slowly) with a ring saw into shapes, tap with a hammer and use shards, or use your hammer and hardie to process smaller.

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