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Mookaite Pyramid 016

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Western Australian Gemstone sculpted into a lovely shiny Pyramid. Mother Nature makes each one of these individual. No two the same. This Pyramid is the one shown in the photos. Bottom and all sides shown.

Add it to your gemstone collection, use it in a mosaic, keep it nearby and observe the "power of pyramids"...  approx 45mmx45mmx45mm 100grams

Mookaite is a silicified radialarised siltstone that is mined near Mooka Creek in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. It is forms in a wonderful array of colours : white, cream, yellow, red, mauve, purple, maroon, olive green, mustard and blackish.... It forms in waves and lines and often has dark contrasting lines through it. It really is such a beautiful material more varied than you can imagine.





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