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Pink Roses

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5 Pink enameled Rose pendants. Remove the loop by gently bending it off with a strong pair of pliers. Use it in a garden of flowers, or in jewellery. 29mmx20mm

Showing you "I never promised you a rose garden" photo 3 -a mosaic I made recently.

This is to give you an idea of what can be done with this tesserae. This is my mosaic, so don't think it is okay to copy my mosaic exactly, because that infringes my Copyright. If it looks anything like mine it is not inspired by my mosaic-,  it is copied from my mosaic.

If you think Copyright isn't a big deal and if it's on the internet, it is there for the taking, ...........well think again.

Show me what you can make with these tesserae!

If 30 mosaic artists were in a room with these tesserae, and others, and were instructed to play, make a mosaic. There would be 30 different mosaics.

Thats what we want as a mosaic community- mosaics coming from each of you, uniqueness, originality, not 30 of the same thing copied..... the world just becomes blah with sameness, and the lawyers become the rich ones.

Step into yourself and create.......

Let your materials inspire you, play with your tesserae. Karen Baker.

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