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Use your words x2

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Use your words....

White resin rectangles with black indented printed letters. These are 6mm thick, so they will sit a bit higher than stained glass and vibrant glass tiles. That can give a great effect. Lots of people love to add words or letters and numbers to their mosaics, so grab these while you can.

They are called Use your words x2 because each tile has a different word both sides.... x2 value-  You're welcome!!!!!!

Sold by the paragraph! LOL ......Sorry, amusing myself....- sold by the bag. :) There's about 60 tiles in each bag... Random words per bag.  Limited stock.

Suggestion: Leave space to add these to your mosaic after grouting, or if that doesn't work, cover these with tape or Blutak/plasticene to protect from grout.

Don't be limited by your materials, play with your tesserae.

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