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Wooden Scrabble Letters

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Wooden Scrabble tiles 20x18x5 mm, all capitals, multicoloured letters. 100 pieces, including a couple of blanks. Photos show letters in one bag, assume each is similar. These are great for artists who like to use letters or words in their work. My suggestion is that you add these after grouting, OR if you want to grout around them, protect them with tape or blutak or the like. The letters are only surface painted, so I imagine they are not amazingly resistant to sanded grout. Also as with all things that are painted, their intended use is for indoor mosaics only. Anything that has been painted has the propensity to fade outdoors, so it's not worth your while including it in any outdoor pieces.

Don't be limited by your materials,  ... play with your tess-array. Karen Baker.


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