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It's been one of those mornings when I have been dumbfounded, knocked for a 6! I've been muttering over and over to myself, can I have not known this before now. ??????? Why isn't this information being shared around...??????

Why didn't anyone tell me?

Maybe in the back of my mind is a distant memory, -I think of Shirley Fralick in Canada saying to use them for grout haze, but obviously I didn't, and I hadn't used them until now......

Sooooooo.... (breathes out)........ today I grouted my Tess-Array-nbow tray and it is the 3rd or 4th time I have used these WONDERFUL tiles. But today my mind was blown and my life as a grouter was changed forever more.


PEOPLE- Use Baby Wipes! Use Baby Wipes.! Use Baby Wipes!

I had the Tess-Array-nbow glass tiles made with a matt finish, which means they do a version of a sandblast to erode the top of the tile after the glass cools in the molds. So the top of the tile has a gazillion tiny pin pricks that grout seems to love to get into. They are a magnet for grout. It ends up having a haze which is just not what we want.

After grouting, I  let my piece sit there for a while to get a hazy surface. I use paper towel, -l cut first into strips and then each strip cut into about 4, so they are small pieces. I gently use them to clean the tile surfaces. I never use wet sponges or water in any shape or form when cleaning up from grouting.

Once I am all done cleaning up, it's at the not totally perfect stage, but the stage where it is safe enough for you to leave it and not have any damage done if you get called away. (It happens to us all....once or twice...)

Now is the time to get out a Baby Wipe,..$2.00 a packet for 80 wipes... sooooo cheap, and use them gently on the tile. Use one spot on the baby wipe for a few tiles then pick a new spot and continue until the piece looks probably now another 100% better.

Leave it to sit again.

Use that Baby Wipe on your hands next and you will find that all the black grout that is normally around your nails and in the creases, cracks and wounds on your hand sometimes for weeks, dis-a-damm-pears. Why didn't someone tell me about this before????? I feel like I've been living in a bubble. 10 years of using black grout- 10 years of black hands.!!!!!!!!!!

Never before have I had clean hands after grouting. Oh and FYI -I didn't even use gloves today- just too lazy to go retreive them from their new home in my car for shopping trips. My hands are CLEAN. Before I threw the two Baby Wipes away I cleaned my two trowels, and my grout bowl as well, plus a little mark on my desk. 

I say it again, I cannot believe that before today I did not know the wonder of the Baby Wipe. Not sure if it makes a difference or not, you will have to run your own tests, but the ones I used are alcohol free, Hypoallergenic, Dermatolgically Tested and Fragrance Free.

I'm off to enjoy my tea.........

YOU'RE WELCOME!!! KarenBaker@Tess-Array.

If you haven't bought your Tess-Array-nbow tiles yet.. copy and paste







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  • Fran Payne on

    Excellent tip Karen…i never knew!

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