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Oh these pretty Aragonite crystals are deeeeeelicious.

I'm selling them in groups of 5, because it is always best layout wise in mosaics to use odd numbers. 5 is a great number to work with, or you can use individually one in two mosaics, then a group of 3 in another.

These Aragonite are from Mexico and really are a delight.

If you are not used to using rocks or minerals in your mosaics, just have a play with them. I find that playing with your materials, putting them with groups of materials, moving them around, looking at them grouped, and with other groupings, all can help you to layout and design your mosaic. Unless of course you have a set out sketched out idea, and if that is the case you are ready to roll.

Consider whether you will be grouting your mosaic, or if it is materials you are embedding into thinset, maybe you aren't going to grout at all.

This little mosaic I made years ago where I mounted 3 mosaics this size onto a board, and made 5x3, which were sent to mosaic friends, in The Netherlands, in the US and in Australia as part of the Make 5 gifting. When I started making the 15 little mosaics I realised I was going to like them and so I made two of each. They were made with the same materials and similar, but not exactly the same. I called the extra set- the sisters mosaics. So this little one is one of the sister mosaics.

I laid the glass down first and grouted it, also grouting the channel I left to place the Aragonite into. I just made the layer of grout very thin, enough to give a uniform look. I then used black tinted thinset and glued the aragonite down. Finished.

If I had put the aragonite down and then glassed around it, it may have been problematic grouting. I would have either had to tape over the aragonite or use Blu-tak or similar to keep the grout off it. If you can think your projects through to completion- to get the look you want, it is easiest just to grout the areas which need it, and to keep important materials out of the way until all the messy work has been done. This is just one way to incorporate Aragonite into your mosaics. I am currently using the aragonite in groups in a new mosaic... it is in its very early stages, and the idea seems to change daily, so when I have something concrete with it, I'll take a photo and show you how else I have used Aragonite in mosaics. :)

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