Vibrant Glass Tiles new arrivals-June 2019.


The top six rows are the Vibrant Glass Tiles I already have in stock, the 50 coloured blocks are -one for each new colour of  15x15 tiles arriving tomorrow.

It is probably a total of 48 new colours, because a couple are re-orders. The majority are from the Vibrant Glass Tile Range, a few are 15x15 metallic/foil backed which are GREAT, and there are about 4 odd 15x15 glass painted squares-  pinky, fluoro pink, fuchsia and purple.

All the unpainted Vibrant Glass Tiles are for indoors and outdoors. They will never fade. Great for all your garden sculptures and birdbaths.

All the painted and foil ranges are for indoors only. All will have a P in their code, so you can see which are the PAINTED ones.  Whilst high grade paint is used in the manufacture of these tile, manufacturers only guarantee for a few years outside. Because of this we only use them indoors and then they keep their colour.

The foil colours are: champagne, apple green, pale sage green, bright blue, sky blue, dark green, dark purple, orange, merlot, dark red, mauvish, yellow and red, PLUS white gold, rose gold and gold. I use these foil/metallic tile in my micro-mosaics and love them. When you are cutting these back painted tiles, you need sharp wheeled nippers, and to be careful cutting them smaller than 4-6 pieces as the back may come off.

I cut these foil tiles into 16 tiny pieces and really was surprised that the majority of them were successful. Because they all weren't, I want you to be aware of that. I will still use them cut that tiny, and just accept there will be some wastage. For me it is worth it for the look you get.

I'll be busy for a few days unpacking the order, cutting open boxes, doing quality control, cutting up sheets, soaking off backings, taking photos, uploading products to the store. I'll make a post on Tess-Array, and send an email to all registered to let you know when they are loaded, and a colour chart of the new and the new/old all together.



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  • Lynn Pascoe on

    Great looking forward to see your tile range will be placing an order Love your range Cheers

  • Gail L Scholz on

    Hi Karen, can’t wait to get some of your new glass tiles, Gail❣

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