Red heaven

I started unpacking the Vibrant Glass Tiles and they continue to impress. 

These tiles are stuck to paper face down, so you are seeing the back of the sheets when you look at them like this.... still gives you a fairly good idea...... I use the plastic containers that mushrooms are sold in at the supermarket (the large one) and a 100 tile sheet fits paper up quite nicely in these. Run some warm water on top and just submerge the tile and only leave for a few minutes.  If you do it this way, most of the glue (which appears to be a flour based paste) stays adhered to the paper, and stays there, as you assist gently loosening the tiles off the paper. I usually hold the paper sheet up and out of the water, dipping it back in if the tiles still need loosening... and the tiles pretty much fall off. Give the freed tiles a bit of a soak, or you can add a detergent. I never do- I just figure they will clean up best when my project is finished. If you do the whole soaking process pretty quickly, less of the paste is soaked off, and the tiles remain relatively clean.

This order is targeted at expanding my colour palette. I already have a good range of greys to black, mauve to purple, skin tones, greens, and a host of blues and blue greens.

Too often my favourite colour RED only has a small representation in ranges of materials. In my humble opinion you can never have too many red tiles. NEVER! Sooooo as I opened box after box, even though some of them weren't what I was expecting, it was so much fun and one box almost made me cry it was so deliciously red and shiny. Yummmmmmm!!

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  • Tess-Array on

    Marjorie- the online store is run from outside of Perth Western Australia…. see details here- copy and paste or click live link…

  • Marjorie Coleman on

    Your tiles look great,but where are you?

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