rainbow tess-array-nbow tessaraynbow

Tess-Array-nbow .......designed and created by Tess-Array because you can never have too many rainbows in your life.

Quality matt rectangle glass tiles as pictured. Sheet size equivalent 30cmx30 cm comprises of 10 colours rainbow style. Use it how you will. Use the colour strips in herringbone pattern, or remove from the mesh and use individually. These tiles are perfect for outdoor sculptures, birdbaths, garden art, and will be equally at home inside. Great colours- do not fade. 


Individual tile size is 20x5x5, weighs 860grams, plus packaging for shipping.

Each colour comprises of 64 tiles, total of 640 tiles. $18.50 

https://sales.tess-array.com/collections/tess-array-nbow  copy and paste link or look under Mosaic Supplies..... :)



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