Lots of goodies

mosaic supplies newest arrivals

Still unloading material, photographing, counting, bagging, and loading products onto the online store.

Re-stocked notice!!  More deep wall rectangle bezels in stock- so check out under Jewellery Blanks & Bits under the Making Jewellery menu of the store. Round and hearts coming soon also.

Lots of interesting things to add life to your mosaics. Most of them will go under Beads & Bits, so look there to see if anything takes your fancy. If I am replenishing previously sold out items, they won't show up on the newest products- if you use that way of searching the store.... but you will find them in their normal group of products restocked.

Another 6 or so deliveries expected in the next few weeks... 

Have fun, play with your Tess-Array.... :)  Karen Baker.


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