She sells sea shells by the seashore!

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I'm always looking for great material to add to the online store. I've been doing lots of shopping of beads & bits, and the orders are starting to arrive. The first shipment is a range of lovely sea shells, shell pieces, shell beads, all suitable for using in your mosaics.

As soon as I see a product that I can imagine in a mosaic, I know I have to get it. I've collected from a few suppliers some lovely individual shells that would look good in a sea-scape, embedded in the sand, or as part of a mandala with shells and gemstones. Natural elements mix so well with glass, ceramic, stones and gemstones. Have fun, play with your Tess-array....

Keep checking in because there are lots of glass pieces, porcelain shapes, metal goodies and all sorts of fun beads & bits being added to the store in the next while. Happy creating, Karen Baker.

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