Painted Tiles are in the store... and some are an outright steal !!!!!!!!!!!

fluoro tile foil tile metallic tile mirror tile painted tile

15x15 Glass Painted tiles and some 15x15 glass squares painted are now loaded onto the store under Mosaic Supplies- Painted Tiles, or access through the Newest Products tab.

Indoors only.

These tiles are great to use whole, or you can also cut them with wheeled nippers. I went through a stage of cutting these tiles into tiny pieces- each 15mm tile into 16, and most were successful. Some you lose the paint. This is the nature of the tile and all others like these. 

There is no other way without considerable outlay to achieve that lovely metallic, colourful foil look that flashes at you when the light gets the tile in the right spot. That's why these tiles are a favourite of many.

The 4 glass square painted tiles- that are reduced considerably are to clear. I won't be restocking them, and I outline the limitations on each of the product pages.  They are the brightest pinks and the purple....Grab them while you can.



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